Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of E-Jobs Service s.r.o. on the usage and operation of electronic systems provided by the company E-Jobs Service s.r.o., effective from 1.8.2014

I. General provisions

1.1 These Company Standard Terms and Conditions, herein after as GTC, contained herein on this webpage shall govern the usage of this website, including all pages within this website. Company, E-Jobs Service SE, hereinafter referred to as Company, applies these GTC in full force and effect to use of the website and electronic systems operated by the Company.

1.2 These GTC shall govern all realtions, which occur between the Company and customers of the Company when using the electronic systems, including relations which concern publishing job vacancies, publishing jobseeker’s curriculum vitae, providing space for presentation, advertising and all other services provided by the Company.

1.3 Different arrangements between the contract parties have priority over Terms.

1.4 Relations, which are not regulated by the GTC or agreed herein writing in a different contract concluded betweeen the Company and another party, will be led by the act no.89/2012 Sb., civil code, act no. 101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection, act no. 121/2000 Sb., Copyright Law and other related acts and legal provisions.

1.5 Company’s electronic systems are designed for the usage by legal and physical entities, for business and non-business entities.

1.6 Despite the fact that electronic systems are or may be available to persons, who make use of or may make use of them beyond the territory of the United Kingdom, the disputes arising from these GTC will be resolved according to the legal provisions of the United Kingdom, with that, the resolution of these disputes will be concluded by the legally competent general court or, where appropriate, county court within which the the general court of the Company is located.

   ІІ. Definitions

Concepts which are reffered to in this GTC text have the following meaning:

Electronic systems:

The internet website http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy and programs created by the Company intended for the use of legal and physical bodies.

Use of electronic systems:
Viewing, reading and registration to online webpages and programs created by the Company, available for the user.

An individua lor legal entity who has registered on the internet website http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy and who makes use of the Company’s electronic systems.

An individual registered on the website http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy, who here offers their work.

An individual registere on the website http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy, who here offers their available job position/s or work opportunities.

Advertisement space:
A type of communication means, which takes the form of graphic, text or sound ype and which is intended for propagating legal or physical entities or their services on the computer network.

III. Offered services

The content and scope including rules dictating user’s behaviour of each discrete service offered are listed in the section http://aulinks.cz/en/price-list?backlink=ogmgy.

The content and scope including rules dictating user’s behaviour of each discrete service offered can be unilaterally amended or cancelled by the Company.

IV. Registration, warranties and reliability of data

4.1. The User must register prior to using membership services on the Company’s electronic systems.

4.2. The User warrants and represents that all of the data provided by the User for registration and usage of the Company’s electronic systmes is accurate and complete, which can not cause harm to third parties or the Company.

4.3. The User shall not use pseudonyms or pen names and therefore warrants and represents that all of the data entered for usage of the Company‘s electronic systems is comprehensible and precise and can not cause a misleading representation of the individual or their offered or requested work (job position).

4.4. The User is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the data that he has represented in the Company's electronic systems. The User explicitly consents for the Company to store data about registration to the electronic systems, which are eligible to unambiguously identify a specific User.

4.5. The User explicitly consents for the Company to use their represented data and disputes with The User arising from inacurately represented data or preventing use of the electronic systems by the User will be done in accordance with GTC.

4.6. The User explicitly consents that represented data which has relation to ordering a certain service, may be publicly accessible.

V. Processing of data

5.1. The User is prohibited from the electronic systems in accordance with the following:

  1. representing data which are contrary to the laws of the United Kingdom or general ethical and moral rules,
  2. advertising data and job offers and activites which may concern providing sexual services,
  3. representing data which may harm the good name and reputation of the Company and other individuals,
  4. advertising job positions in which the Company is circumvented as an intermediary, including website links which direct to other offers or job positions of the User,
  5. advertising job positions and activites which make use of the systém multi-level-marketin (MLM),
  6. representing general and business information about the User‘s products within the frame of job positions‘ rubrics, which essentialy have an advertising character,
  7. representing more job position or Users within the frame of one represented position; in case of violation of this provision the Company reserves the right to charge the full price for every other posted job positions or User, and thereby for every other position in the text of a particular posted position,
  8. representing data which are contrary to the rules of filling out,
  9. creating resumes, herein after as CV, or presentations which use third party names without their explicit consent.

5.2. The company has the legal right in accordance with provisions of § para. 5 No.1 (c) of Act no. 101/2000 Sb. on protection of personal data, to control the scope and accuracy of data in accordance with articles IV. And V. of these GTC, to warn the User on the violation of the conditions of the use of electronic systems and request for an immediate correction or immediately remove these data from the electronic systems even without the consent of the User.

5.3. The Company reserves the right to limit, through available technical and legal means the possibility of using electronic systems, the User who has repeately violated the terms of using the electronic systems.

5.4. The User hereby acknowledges, that they are not authorized to change the published data in text and the name of the job title during the course of providing the according service, to such an extent that it would concern a change of the initial job position. The Company is authorized to assess whether the concerned change of data leads to a change of the job position and in which case refuse the User’s request for a change in data or request a full price for the next position and for every similar change.

VI. Account of the user

6.1. On the basis of a registration executed on http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy the User can enter their user interface based on their login details. The user's interface enables the User to order services, make any necessary adjustments to the CV or company presentation, create new CVs or company presentations.

6.2. The User hereby acknowledges that their user's account must not be available continously in regards to necessary maintenance of the hardware and software equipment of the Company or third party entities independant of the company.

6.3. The User, when using the web interface is not authorized to use mechanisms, program equipment or other procedures which could negatively effect the operation of the web interface. The web interface may only be used in accordance with it’s purpose and scope, which is not at the expense of the Company or rights of other Users of http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy.

VII. Ordering services

7.1. The Company provides the services set in accordance with article III of GTC on the basis of the User's orders. A duly completed order is a contract draft for providing services metioned in the draft.

7.2. Binding orders for automated data processing services, provided in electronic form are received by the Company by completeing and submitting and eletronic order form via internet, which is accessible on electronic systems belonging to the Company. A binding order may also be sent via e-mail. In the event when services are additionally ordered after a contract for purchase of other services has been concluded, it is possible to negotiate the additional service via telephone, in the event if the Comapny does not refuse this method.

7.3. In the event when the Comapny recieves an electronic order form, services will begin to be provided as indicated in the form, if these GTC or a contract states otherwise. In case the electronic order form does not specify a commencement date, it is valid that services will begin to provided without undue delay.

7.4. The Company will notify the User of the commencement of providing a service via an e-mail to an e-mail address provided by the User during registration.

7.5. The Company reserves the right to refuse an order withing 3 days of its receipt,

  1. a) if it has been submitted by an individual or a representative of the individual who has in the past violated their obligations arising from the GTC or from a contract concluded with the Company.
  2. b) if it is in breach of good manners, public order or with law concerning the status of a person including law on the protection of privacy,
  3. c) if it may prejudice the legitimate interests of the Company.

VIII. Concluding a contract and providing services

8.1. The service contract is concluded in the moment when the Company begins to provide services according to the User’s order demonstrably delivered to the Company, if the the Company does not refuse the order in accordance with paragraph 7.5 of these GTC.

8.2. Provisions set in paragraph 8.1 . do not apply, if the Company without undue delay after receiving the order notifies the User, that the provision of services will commence only after concluding a service contract. The contract is then immediately concluded on agreement of the User and the Company. The Company reserves the right to demand a conclusion of the contract in written form..

8.3. By placing and sending an order or concluding a service contract, the User explicitly and unreservedly accepts these GTC, technical means of the internet and Comany's electronic systems, deadlines for submission of papers, graphical formats and other conditions established by the Company for providing the services.

8.4. The Company is not obliged to conclude a service contract, especially with individuals, who have materially violated their obligations with regards to usage of the Company's electronic systems or related thereof..

8.5. The User agrees to use remote communication means when concluding a contract. Arising costs incurred by the User and which are associated with usage of the remote communcation means for purposes of concluding the contract (internet connection costs, telephone calling costs) shall be borne by the User.

8.6. Materials for graphical advertisement space are handed over by the User via electronic mail or on a portable data carrier and in standard file formats *.jpg, *.gif или *.swf maximum size of 35 kB. The Company reserves the right to refuse the User‘s advertising banner (or other graphical advertisements) whose format does not achieve an adequate aesthetic format, primarily i fit concerns banners (or other graphical advertisements) listed on the front page of the webpage http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy.

IX. Price and form of payment

9.1. Registration on http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy is free of charge for the User.

9.2. The discharge of services provided by the Company to the User are free of charge, in case in the Company‘s pricelist of services, the delivery date of the User’s order from the Company http://aulinks.cz/en/?backlink=ogmgy does not state otherwise. The pricelist likewise dictates the volume and method of payment for the provided services.

Х. Withdrawal from contract

10.1. The Company is entitled to withdraw from the service contract if:

  1. documents and data presented by the user are in conflict with the law, good manners, particularly if they promote violence, racism, discrimination of minorities etc.,
  2. the User is in arrears with the payment for services,
  3. the User harms the reputation of the Company or its trademarks, or its other legitimate interests,
  4. the User demands representing data in the Company’s electronic, which are in confilct with paragraph 5.1 of these GTC.

10.2. The User is entitled to withdraw from the service contract, if there occurs a complete interruption of providing services by the Company to the User for a length of at least 5 working days, except in cases of force majeure. The period of interruption of providing services begins at the moment when the User informs, via e-mail, the Company of their intention to withdraw from the service contract and invites the Company to remedy the situation.

10.3. Withdrawal does not interfere with the beginning of the contract, all rights and obligations shall cease on the day of withdrawal.

XI. Termination of the contract and sanctions

11.1. The service contract shall be deemed terminated

  1. at the expiration of the term for which the contract was concluded,
  2. on agreement between the Company and the User, under the condition that the Company has the right to request a written form of this agreement,
  3. in case of withdrawal from the contract pursuant to article X. of these GTC.

11.2. If the contract is terminated by the Company's withdrawal pursuant to paragraph 10.1 of these GTC, the Company is entitled to, in case of concluding a new contract with the same user, request the payment of a fee amounting to fifty percent of the price, to which the Company was entitled to under the terminated contract.

11.3. If the User is in arrears with the payment for services, the Company is entitled to a contractual penalty in the amount of half a percent of the outstanding amount for each day of delay. This does not affect the obligation of the User to pay damages, even if it exceeds the contract penalty.

11.4. If the User is in arrears with the payment for services for a period longer than one calendar month, the Company has the right to disclose information about the User’s delay in payment for services on the Company’s electronic systems and in other borrowers databases operated by third parties.

XII. Indemity

12.1. The Company will extend the period of delivering service, for at least the period for which the service was not duely provided, if the reason for not delivering the service was due to a proven defect of the Company's technical facilities.

12.2. The Company is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure or technical failures outside the frame of the Company. „Force majeure“ is defined as an unforseen event occuring after the receipt of the order and which was caused without the fault of the Company, unless caused by the Company’s fault or negligence. If a situation of force majeure occurs on the Company’s side, it is entitled to, without undue delay, to notify the User about the event and reasons that had caused it. If not agreed otherwise, the Company will continue to fulfill it’s obligations from the contract to the extent of its possibilities and capabilities, if necessary, using alternative means.

12.3. The Company's liability for damages caused by the Company's technical and software equipment is limited by the amount paid by the User for services as stated in the concluded contract, whereas it is not obligated to pay such damages to the User, which could not have been foreseen when concluding the contract.

XIII. Copyright and industrial property rights

13.1. The User is obliged to obtain permission to use any copyrighted work when publishng their personal CV or other portfolios and presentations.

13.2. The Company is not liable for copyright infringement or industrial user rights. In the event that the Company will be forced to bear any damage which has been caused by the User’s violation of those laws, the User will be obliged to reimbruse the damage to the Company without undue delay, after being called upon by the Company.

13.3. The User is not authorized to use the Company’s electronic systems or its parts in any way other than for personal use and in a manner which is permitted. In particularly, it is prohibited to use them in the manner of spreading and copying or other technical processing without the Company‘s proven approval. The User is furthermore prohibited to make any interference into the technical or substantive content of the website.

13.4. Saving or printing data from the Company's electronic systems is authorized only for private purposes, while the data obtained in such a manner must not be further reproduced or disseminated regardless, if they carried out mechanically, electronically or in any other way, without the Comapny's prior written consent.

XIV. Protection of personal data OR Data Protection

14.1. The Company claims that it protects personal data in accordance with the law no. 101/2000 Sb., on Personal Data Protection, and in accordance with the principles contained in the EU Directive no. 95/46/EC.

14.2. Personal data provided by the User when using the Company's electronic systems will not be accumulated by the Comapny or otherwise dealt with without the User's consent. The Company is authorized to contact the User with the request to verify the accuracy of the personal data provided. Personal data provided that will provide reason to doubt their accuracy, authenticity and correctness, will be without undue delay destroyed.

14.3. The User hereby explicitly consents to the processing of personal data by the Copmany for the fulfillment of obligations under the service contract, in particular name and surname, residence addresses, identification numbers, tax identification numbers, electronic email addresses and phone numbers.

14.4. Personal data will be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in printed form and non-automated manner. The Company may appoint a third party as a processor of personal data of the Users.

14.5. The User acknowledges that data found in the Company's electronic systems are further processed and may also be further used for generating analysis and statistics. The results of this processing may be further commercialized by the Company while maintaining full anonymity of the source.

14.6. The User acknowledges that they are obliged to during registration in their user’s account, provide accurate and correct personal data, furthermore the User is obliged to immediately notify the Company about changes in these personal data.

14.7. The User agrees for the Company to transfer personal data obtained from the User also to other entities providing services similar to the Company under these GTC or for the Comoany to use these data in other similar electronic systems.

14.8 The User hereby acknowledges that they are informed of the fact, that their agreement to processing personal data may in relation to the Company be revoked by a written notice delivered to the Company

XV. Processing personal data listed in the database of CVs

15.1. The User is obliged to take measures to protect the data provided to him from the CV database and to keep them safe from loss, misue, unauthorized access and other abuses.

15.2. The User is authorized to process data, acquired from the CV database, solely for purposes of occupying a job position.

15.3. The User is not authorized to provide access to a third party to view a CV and without prior consent from the Company and the person to whom the particular CV belongs.

15.4. The User acknowledges that they are entitled to inspect the content of the CV. In the event that they would be interested in further processing of personal data, they will be obliged to obtain consent from the subject of the CV according to law no. 101/200 Sb., on personal data protection.

15.5. In the event of a User's infringement of their obligations, the Company is entitled to in accordance with paragraphs 15.1 till 15.4 of these GTC, to prevent the User's further access to the CV database.

15.6. In the event that the Company will be obliged to bear any damage as a result of the User's infringement of their obligations according to this article, the User is obliged to pay these damages to the Company, without undue delay and after being called upon by the Company.

XVI. Final provisions

16.1. Unless agreed to otherwise, all announcements or other formalities related to the contract must be delivered to the other contract party in writtern form, via electronic e-mail, personally or by registered postal services. E-mails will be delivered to the email address provided by the User in their user’s account. The User agrees to receive commercial communications.

16.2. The Company is entitled to unilaterally change, amend or supplement these GTC. The GTC as amended are governed by rights and obligations arising before the change of GTC; the emergence of rights and obligations, as well as claims arising from them before this change of GTC shall nevertheless be considered under the current wording of GTC.