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G..... F...... / Marketing & PR

Prague 45000 CZK Marketing & PR

GUENET Florian 07/06/1993 Nationality : French 2b rue chef de ville - 77730 - Prague

M....... Č.... / Marketing & PR

South Moravian Region Marketing & PR
5 days ago

Marketing, PR

L.... H...... / Business development manager, Project Manager

Prague, Central Bohemian Region 89000 CZK Business development manager, Project Manager
6 days ago

Dobrý den, Jsem aktivní na realitním trhu v Praze, Pardubicích a Hradci Králové. Ale rozhodně se nebráním projektům v lokalitách celých Čech. Mohu nabídnout: 1) orientace v územních plánech + návrh záměrů dle parametrů platného územního plánu(případně dle návrh metropolitního plánu): hrubá…

D...... B...... / Administration, Marketing & PR

Karlovy Vary Region Administration, Marketing & PR
8 days ago

Beránek Dominik

R.... T........ / Trade - purchase and sale, Engineering

Prague Trade - purchase and sale, Engineering
9 days ago

Dear hiring team, With this letter, I would like to express my strong interest in the position you are advertising. Currently process and quoting specialist at Cisco where I work with B2B business team on creation of large B2B service and product proposals and internal business team to provide…

9 days ago

Mzdová účetní s praxí více jak 7 let, která se ráda učí novým věcem a rozvíjí si své obzory

H... M......... / IT - software development

South Bohemian Region 53000 CZK IT - software development
14 days ago


J... B..... / Account manager, Customer support

Prague 66000 CZK Account manager, Customer support
16 days ago

Account Support Manager, Client Service Manager

P..... S....... / Receptionist

Prague 24000 CZK Receptionist
16 days ago

Hello, my name is Polina! I am a friendly and patient person. Fun to be around but also passionate about my job and interests. I can and am keen on mixing music. From my experience, I work equally well in teams and on my own. I also do pretty cool collages in photoshop. I am well-organised and…

A....... T............. / Logistics, Business development manager, Cashier, Sales Representative, Pedagogue

Turkey, Prague, Central Bohemian Region, Karlovy Vary Region, Pardubice Region 28000 CZK Logistics, Business development manager, Cashier, Sales Representative, Pedagogue
16 days ago

I am very disciplined, highly motivated person. I am a quick learner. I speak more than 5 languages. Previously worked at the Embassy so I am wll aware of work ethics and I am highly professional in the field I am working at.