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Location: Prague, Plzeň, Brno Profession: HR and Personnel, HR business partner, HR Specialist Type of contract: Employment contract Type of employment: Full-time Entry date: Immediately Suitable for: Graduates, Entrepreneurs
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Announcement about an open job position: Recruiter – Specialist in personnel management process / HR specialist in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary – according to the company’s projects and in recruitment offices in Ukraine. International outsourcing and recruitment agency Workintense.

Description of vacancy and description of job assignments:

  • In order to create a process of selection and to provide an open employment position on specific projects of the company Workintense, the international outsourcing agency Workintense, with operations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, is holding a contest for the position “Recruitment Manager”. Their responsibility will be to manage and support the process of employee recruitment and job placement.

  • The work process and job tasks:

  • Concentrate on personnel management in the company’s projects

  • Ensuring the hiring process and further recruitment of suitable workers according to the following type and character of occupations: work-manual, technical, service, medical and managerial. Labour work.

  • Advisory services in areas of personnel and recruitment including solving visa formalities for the agency’s employees.

  • Job positions in Czech Republic are located mainly around Prague, Plzen and Brno. In Slovakia around Bratislava. In Poland around Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Cracow. In Hungary around Budapest. Recruitment offices in Ukraine in the cities Kiev and Lviv.

Characteristics of a potential candidate for the position HR manager:

  • Ability to individually organize the process/ tasks of their job

  • Highly efficient and motivated attitude to working and carrying out day-to-day tasks

  • Results-oriented

  • Stress-resilience

  • Responsibility

  • Kind, honest, punctual and confident.

  • Ability to communicate and persuade, interpersonal skills are very important for this type of work.

  • Ability to solve complex issues and problems.

  • Non-conflicting character

  • People not limited by business trips

  • Standard knowledge on work with personal computers and modern communication mediums

  • A desire to live, work and ability to fluently speak the language of one of the countries in which the company Workintense has projects.

  • Ability to learn and understand local laws, take part in drafting of contract terms with customers, local employers, organs of the local municipality and government regulatory authorities.

  • University degree, experience in administrative work or management is a benefit.

  • A letter of recommendation from third party individuals or previous employers

  • Special benefit: degree in andragogy

  • For energetic and talented candidates who do not have any previous work experience, but have the necessary potential and motivation for successful employment on the current position – we offer to take part in the selection process, open and demonstrate their talent to persuade us of the expediency of your successful future career results.

We offer (what can you expect once accepted onto the job position) :

  • Dynamic work in the company Workintense, which is for 25 years, successfully operating in HR

  • management, outsourcing, personnel process operation, staffing logistics and manufacturing enterprises with employees primarily from Ukraine. Everything we do, we aim to bring the highest quality and value to the customer that is why we are inviting motivated co-workers to join our team and expect that they will develop a 101% work efficiency level.

  • A stable and long-term employment in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland or Hungary with opportunities of career promotions and a guaranteed stable average income.

  • Additional salary bonuses are available for results-driven and dedicated employees.

  • Place of work in newly opened recruiting offices in the cities Kiev and Lvov in Ukraine.

  • We provide accommodation for our employees in the place of employment.

  • We prepare and organize the process of obtaining a work visa to the EU or specific country.

Stages in the selection process for the position HR, Recruitment Manager:

  • If you are interested in the current job vacancy and you fulfill the requirements listed in the category of characteristics of a potential candidate, please send us your CV to the following email: in order to take part in selection process.

  • In order to pass the first round of the selection process, you will receive a detailed form, which you will be asked to fill and send to us.

  • For the second round of the selection process, you will be invited for an interview in Kiev/ Prague or Lvov where you will be tested for personal and professional skills.

  • After successfully passing the interview and the practical test, the chosen candidate will be offered the job position and we will commence a process of employment, which will require signing a work agreement and applying for a working visa in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland or Hungary.

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Lýdie Ignaťuková