Aulinks Social Job Ad

Use social networks for finding new job seekers. Aulinks Social Jobs Ads will help you find suitable candidates on Facebook.

According to current findings, almost half of all employees have heard or found out about new employment positions through social networks. Our new service Aulinks Social Jobs Ads will enable you to not only find suitable candidates who are actively looking for a job, but you will also receive contacts for qualified professionals who are currently not searching for employment. Use all possibilities of social networks.

How does Aulinks Social Job Ad work?

Through a few simple clicks, you may turn your job vacancy into a very interesting and attractive job ad on social networks. With Aulinks Social Job Ad you can post your vacancy on Facebook on the same day of purchase. You can take a break from long preparation of Facebook campaigns; we will help to make your vacancy visible of social networks. There are approximately 3.5 million people in Czech Republic who use Facebook daily Your specific job vacancy will be made visible to a substantial number of job seekers thanks to the Aulinks Social Job Ad service. Candidates will be able to view your job post advertisement not only on their personal desktop computers, but also using their mobile phones and tablets.

Job posting

Post your job vacancy on and use the service Aulinks Social Job Ad.

Job seekers

We will make sure that your job vacancy will target a substantial number of job seekers.


As a result of technical possibilities, your job vacancies will be visible to candidates in your personally pre-selected place and region.

Display of job vacancy

Your job advertisement will be displayed on the top position of the walls of chosen candidates.

Your job vacancy can appear on Facebook in a matter of a few minutes. Aulinks Social Jobs Ad will enable the posting of your employment positions in groups operated by the European job portal

Job vacancies will be published in these specific pages on Facebook:

  • Práce, Brigády – celá ČR
  • Práce, Brigády v Praze
  • Práce, Brigády v Brně
  • Práce, Brigády v Ostravě
  • Práce, Brigády v Plzni
  • Práce, Brigády v Českých Budějovicích
  • Práce, Brigády v Ústí nad Labem a okolí
  • Práce, Brigády v Kolíně a okolí

If you have a job vacancy in Brno or close to Brno, your vacancy will be published in the group “Práce, Brigády v Brně”, “Práce, Brigády – celá ČR” and “”