Effective advertisement of job vacancies

On Aulinks.cz you will receive 1 job vacancy every month for free. Job advertisements are valid for 1 month, with the possibility of a free update, in case you still haven’t found the right candidate.

In case you need to post more job vacancies, we have prepared for you a few packages, which are tailored to the needs of small, medium and large organizations, as well as for recruitment agencies.

Advantages of posting job vacancies

A straightforward overview

All of your vacancies are organized together on one page, you may edit and update them at any time.


It is very simple and intuitive to create a job vacancy on Aulinks. You can add or edit text and with one easy click post the job ad onto our page.


We have generated packages for small, medium and large companies and recruitment agencies. Choose a package that suits your needs and simultaneously save money by buying at more favourable prices.

Elements of job posting

Create a job vacacny

A very simply and intuitive creation of a job advertisement.

Easy control

The control system has deliberately been developed to create a highly user-friendly environment.

Job advertisement abroad

With us you have the chance to post jobs not only locally, but abroad too. Job vacancies have the same price on each website in every country where Aulinks operates.

We hire more than 20 employees from Aulinks, every month. Their simple solution of job advertisements saves our time and energy, and increases the effectiveness of our job posts.

HR Consultant