Finde job seekers effectively

Find and contact the right people to join your company.

Not enough candidates have replied to your job vacancy? Aulinks provides a comprehensive and understandable overview of job seekers’ profiles that have registered on our website. Any registered company may directly contact suitable candidates.

In case you need employees, but you do not want to post job vacancies, allows you to browse and make contact with specific job seekers that you have chosen.

Advantages of a job seeker database

Fast search

Using the extended search engine you may quickly find relevant job seekers.

Search agent

According to your pre-selected filter, relevant CVs will be sent directly to your e-mail. You may set as many search agents, as you need there are no strict limits.

Saving to archives

Every job seeker that you contact will automatically be saved to your communication archive. You will therefore later be able to quickly find your relevant candidate.

Elements of job vacancies

Search agent

Pre-select a search agent according to your needs. You may have as many search agents, as you need.

Job seeker database

You may choose and select from an accessible list of more than a thousand job seekers.

Explore profiles

Read and study our job seekers profiles. Choose the best and most suitable candidate for your job position.

Contacts on enable us to search and find precisely those candidates in which we have an interest for.

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