Part-time jobs - basis of the student life

Date: 10/17/16

Based on recent research, almost half of students in the Czech Republic work during their studies on part-time jobs. We can also witness high employment rates during holiday seasons.

Almost 70% of those who work claim that they are able to pay for their basic needs. Is part-time work today unavoidable or simply in high demand?

The most frequent question at student meetings called Národním svazu studentu (NUS) is how many hours should a student work? Experts have different opinions on this, but it is often spoken about 16 hours per week as ideal. On the other hand, the Cambridge University completely forbids its’ students to have any sort of job during their studies.

Of course everything depends on you and your situation. You must also take into consideration where you work. Night shifts are better paid, however they can have negative effects on your health and your study efficiency at school. Often students find a job at a call centre or customer service and they consequently stop attending lectures. It would be better for the students to pass an internship in the field of their study or at least at a highly paid job (system administrators or programmers). Unfortunately it is not so easy to find a relevant and highly paid job, therefore most students end up finding a poorly paid job with low qualification in the sphere of retail and supply.