How to Find A Hobby

Date: 10/17/16

Do you have alot of free time and would like to find a hobby? Are you tired of routine work days and would like to engage in something that you love and enjoy? There are hunderds of activites around which you might not know even existed. It is important howvere to know how to find out what your hobby could be. Read on below for inspiration. 

What can we consider as a hobby?

A hobby is usually something that you enjoy doing in your free time. For many people watching TV and spending time on social websites are the only activities they engage in during their free time. It is a shame because in reality there are many other activities and hobbies, which can bring far more interesting feelings and experiences, for example, mountain climbing or team sports.

Why is it important to have a personal hobby?

Hobbies create and provide space for our self-expression, which is not so evident nor present in our everyday routine activities. To have a hobby is to have the opportunity to do something for yourself, to escape from your daily problems in your job and relax after a long day. Our hobby brings us happiness and confidence. Hobbies allow us to reconnect with people who think and feel like us. They can lead to new friendships, and new experiences.

Begin in your own sphere of interest

Think of what you’re interested in and what you do in your free time. Do youl like reading books? Try to write your own! What about sport? Begin to dedicate your time to a specific type of sport you really enjoy playing when given the opportunity. Maybe you like art and admire those who can draw. If yes, than find drawing courses online, register and begin to draw or paint.

We are all different

Try to think of your abilities and personality. Your individuality will play an important role in finding a hobby, which will suit you. There are millions of people on this planet and each one is individual, with specific preferences and tastes. Nevertheless we can find people who share the same likes and interests.  Do you already know that you have almost no patience, and would like to see immediate results? Don’t go for activities that require deep concentration and patience, rather focus on something more physical that requires endurance and positive spirit. Build on your stronger traits.


Examples of hobbies that might be just perfect for you:


Do you love cooking specific types of food weather pastry, soups or main dishes? Maybe even all of them! Are you interested in how certain types of food are made to obtain a specific kind of taste, consistency and texture? Are you attracted to special foods that require special skill for preparation? Don’t waste time and money for expensive restaurants, use the Internet to find unusual and your favourite recipes and start cooking!


Are you fascinated by people who can draw? Why not try it yourself? There are plenty of drawing courses in Prague. Drawing is an excellent way for expressing yourself. You can present your work to the public (as soon as you are ready) and even earn money from this type of hobby.

Team projects

Are you are social person and enjoy working in a team? Organize a group of people and together ponder on a common project that you’ve started. It can be creating a recipe book, a novel, an art project, a photography project, chess club, science project and many more that you can think of.


Do you like sightseeing, visiting new place, nature or historical monuments? Talk with your friends and organize a route of adventure.


Do you enjoy capturing beautiful moments? Start taking pictures with a professional camera and attend photography courses. Photography has many advantages. Investments can earn you a return and you can earn money with this hobby. It is possible to put and sell your photos online onto special websites. (For example


Are you more of a stay-home type of person with low interest in ‘active’ hobbies? Start sewing. After some time you will be able to develop such skill in sewing, that you will be able to watch TV and simultaneously sew a sweater/ hat or socks without constantly looking at what you’re sewing. 

Team sport

Do you like movement? Would you like to take part in a certain team sport? Create a team/ or join a team and enter an amateur sports league.

Playing games

You can also play computer games during your free time. Focus on one game to begin with. Learn the rules and with time you can develop your skill. You will also be able to register to various competitions and earn money with this hobby too.