How to Find A Hobby


Do you have alot of free time and would like to find a hobby? Are you tired of routine work days and would like to engage in something that you love and enjoy? There are hunderds of activites around which you might not know even existed. It is important howvere to know how to find out what your hobby could be. Read on below for inspiration. 

Part-time jobs - basis of the student life

Based on recent research, almost half of students in the Czech Republic work during their studies on part-time jobs. We can also witness high employment rates during holiday seasons.

Almost 70% of those who work claim that they are able to pay for their basic needs. Is part-time work today unavoidable or simply in high demand?

Teacher CV


Would you like to begin your career of a teacher? Have a closer look at our sample teacher CV to have an idea of what an employer might like to see in your CV when deciding to hire you.